Carmel Dog Shop

Carmel-By-The-Sea, CA

Hello humans and furry friends,

Awooooooo! It’s your furry pal Ace the Border Collie back with another review! I wanted to show you guys one of my favorite shops in Carmel - By - The - Sea, CA. It is in an excellent location for hoomans because almost every shop or eatery is dog friendly. There are so many doggos along the street I got to say hi to. I wish we all could’ve made a trip to the big water, but that’s okay because my hoomans took me to Carmel Dog Shop!

It was such a clean store and the only thing I immediately smelled was their Treat Bar. Where I got to sample treats before my hoomans made me a doggie bag to-go! They had all sorts of treats and even things for kitties! Including dog/cat treats. That’s crazy! There were so many things to look at including some of their homemade items from artists, like bandanas and vests with their personal Logo. Made by Wag Pet Gear and Sand Dollar Dog Company. I thought that was cool so my hoomans got me a sailor bandana from the Sand Dollar Dog Company, since it reminded me of the big water. There were even specific toys I have never seen anywhere else and that’s because the owner, Cindy handpicks out every item in the store.

Cindy was a really nice hooman and even gave me a special treat. She must have thought I was special or something. She was telling my hoomans about her adopted furry pal from Porterville Animal Shelter, Stan, that’s in the logo. Wow! That must be cool to be that popular of a pup! I mean, he is wearing sunglasses on the sign and is so fancy with his bow-tie. I hope maybe one day I could meet this so-called, Stan.

I definitely loved this shop because of its originality on the different products at the shop. There was such a variety from carriers, beds to bowls. My hoomans were happy to see that they had affordable and yet expensive products. From a $300 dog collar to a $20 collar. So there's something for every hooman and canine! I mean there is a reason they were Nominated for the Best Pet Boutique in Monterey County in 2021. I will have to give this store a 3.5 Paws out of 4 Paws because sadly I can’t buy anything online, but they are working on it to have a “shoppable” website soon. That's okay though because I just love visiting the shop!

Until next time my friends (furry and otherwise),

Ace the Border Collie


Lincoln St Between Ocean and 7th next door to Cypress Inn, Carmel-By-The-Sea, CA 93921


Social: Instagram Page (Carmel Dog Shop)

Products: Wag Pet Gear, Sand Dollar Dog Company

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