Diggidy Dog

Carmel-by-the-Sea, CA

Hello humans and furry friends,

Awooooooooo! How goes it my friends, this is Ace the Border Collie with another review for ya! I went and visited another known boutique in the area of Carmel, CA. This shop seemed very busy and very well known to the public. I’m sure most locals know it, we visited Diggidy Dog and it sticks to it’s name because….hot diggidy dog! It sure did smell delicious because there were some treats right by the door waiting for me! How nice of those hoomans, especially Alexa the manager. She was very nice and even gave me an extra one!

It was such a beautiful shop full of so many toys it felt like dog paradise. They had all different kinds and even some for kitties. How sweet! Some of the toys were really funny to my hoomans because they even had “Sniffany” box toy, like Tiffany’s. So my hoomans had some fun with some of the hooman details within the toys. They had some small stairs I liked to run up and down to the toy side of the store to the leash and apparel side of the store. The apparel side has their own high-end clothing line, the Diggidy Collection®; collars, toys and much more. A personally branded line for their shop! I thought that was cool and my hooman picked me up a couple of things; like their DC Alpaca Hoodie Sweater. I can’t wait to wear that to the big water when it gets cold. If you can’t make it to the shop you can even purchase their items on their website.

In the corner of their shop you can even set up an appointment with their dog photographer, Liz Stavrinides with Lovedog & Company. How cool is that? My hooman will have to make an appointment, because I think I would look pretty cool as a dog model.

My hoomans loved the backstory of Diggidy Dog. The owner, Christy was inspired to own this shop because of her own pup Tristan. He is pretty popular over here because he is known for being Tristan the Surfing Westie! He is a Surfing Champion. I mean, how cool is that? Maybe I could meet him one day and he might give me a lesson. Think about it; Ace...riding the big water. Sounds pretty nifty to me.

I definitely have to say I loved this shop just like everyone else in Carmel because of its amazing energy and all of the other doggos I got to meet at the store. So many doggos to meet! My hoomans were happy with their clothing line, fine leashes and such a variety of toys. Although, I do wish they had more carriers and kennels for big dogs. I will have to give this store a 3.5 Paws out of 4 Paws because sadly I didn’t see any of that kind of stuff, but that’s okay because I will definitely be back for another toy and maybe a treat! Maybe even an extra treat again by Alexa.

Until next time my friends (furry and otherwise),

Ace the Border Collie

Location: Corner of Ocean Ave and Monte Verde St , Carmel-by-the-Sea, CA 93921



Instagram (@diggidydogcarmel)

Facebook (Diggidy Dog)

Diggidy Collection®: The Diggidy Collection

Dog Photographer: Love & Company

Tristan the Surfing Westie: Facebook (Team Tristan)

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