El Estero Lake Dog Park

Monterey, CA

Hello humans and furry friends,

Wooof! Hello again my friends, it’s your main canine Ace here with another dog park review. This time my hooman took me to El Estero Lake Dog Park located at 852 Pearl St. in my hometown of Monterey. It’s between Pearl St. and Camino El Estero, across from the Monterey Youth Center and right on the lake.

Now I’m gonna be honest here, this is definitely not my favorite park. It was a little smaller than I’m used to so I couldn’t really stretch my legs and run around as much as I wanted. There were spaces for us bigger doggos and some for the pups and lil guys. They did have water for us, but my hooman had to bring a container for me. The ground was covered with mulch and there wasn’t much grass to itch my back. Also, it was right behind a cemetery and even though all dogs go to heaven, it kinda gave me the heebie jeebies.

I was hoping to sniff some new butts and make some friends, but there weren’t any other doggos the whole time I was there. But, I did meet a little tiny creature, with a bushy tail named Walnut. He kept asking me about nuts. Nice enough little dude, but talk about nervous...

I want to thank the city of Monterey for making a park for us doggos to play and have fun, but NO BLUBERRY BUSHES and those flying ocean pests made this not a very great day for me. I’d have to give it 1 ½ Paws out of 4 Paws … until next time my friends, don’t forget to make sure your pups are getting plenty of water in this hot weather-we have no sweat glands!

Until next time my friends (furry and otherwise),

Ace the Border Collie

Location: 852 Pearl St, Monterey, CA 93940


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