Pacchetti Dog Park

Seaside, CA

Hello humans and furry friends,

it’s your best bud Ace with another spectacular review of the latest dog park I’ve visited. This time my humans took me to Pacchetti Dog Park in Seaside, CA, just up the road from my beautiful Monterey home.

When we arrived I was able to stretch my legs and get all of my “energy out”, because according to my humans, I definitely need it! Whatever that means. At the park, there’s plenty of room to run around and play or even get a good wrestle in once you make some new furry friends. My humans definitely liked that there were benches and shady areas for them to relax under, including a view of the ocean. They appreciated that it was run by volunteers and was community based. It is even sponsored by local supporters like Pet Food Express, Trader Joe's, and the Seaside Fire Department, Seaside Recreation Department and more as listed.

There’s even fences all around so us pups don’t run off, but since we were surrounded by a neighborhood you should still keep an eye on those curious fur babies while visiting the park. Even a smaller fenced area was included for smaller dogs. They also have a gated Memory Garden for all of the passed local pups who have loved the park in the past. I thought it was sad at first, but it just showed how much this park is community based and loved by all.

There’s enough room for a round or two of fetch. So my humans brought me a ball to throw with some of my new furry friends. Hopefully next time they bring a frisbee. Pretty much every kind of doggo is welcome, unless they have a “tude” towards other pups. Though, there weren't any blueberry bushes around which left me a little disappointed…but the very best part: Not one stinkin seagull in sight to ruin all the fun!

All in all it was super fun and as long as you and your human follow the posted rules everyone will have a good time. The park even has t-shirts available on their website that are a $20 Donation. I must see if my human can get one. The park was definitely a calm environment and everyone was friendly; I gave it 3 ½ Paws out of 4 Paws.

Until next time my friends (furry and otherwise),

Ace the Border Collie

Location: Noche Buena St & Kimball Ave, Seaside, CA 93955


Social: Facebook Group ( Seaside Pacchetti Dog Park)


Gusto Handcrafted Pasta & Pizza

Pet Food Express

Shake's Old Fisherman's Grotto

Trader Joe's

Googie Grill


Seaside Fire Department

Seaside Recreation Department

Jette Fergusion-Sotheby's Real Estate

Mal's Market

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