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Hello humans and furry friends,

Awooooooooo! Hey friends, it's your furry pal Ace the Border Collie with a different tale to tell! I am here to talk about my first ever “dog park” and journey that I will forever be grateful for, at the SPCA Monterey County in Monterey, CA. I went back 2 years later on my Adopt Day Anniversary to show my gratitude to the staff there!

When I was a puppy I was sadly put somewhere I didn’t belong, not sure how I got there or what kind of hooman would put me there but luckily I was found by a SPCA Rescuer, Emily. I was really scared at first but she helped me get out of such a scary abandoned place that I couldn’t be more happy once she picked me up because I knew I was going to be forever safe.

Once I arrived at SPCA Monterey County, they took care of me and I instantly got my shots, chipped and neutered for my future hoomans! I don’t remember much of that part though, but the vet lady there is really nice and took care of me during my recovery.

After I was checked out by the vet and ready for adoption, I played and played as a pup! They were always really good to me, especially Alissa. She was always playing with me and taking care of me until my hoomans picked me up. She sometimes took me to the training and agility area when I was a pup, which was always my favorite. So I had to come back and play with Alissa like the good old days! We played ball for a bit, but only because I’m a special guest.

On Sundays, my hoomans still sometimes take me to their Sunday Socials as a special guest. They provide it for any doggos that are within the community! It is a beautiful courtyard for the doggos to run around in. So technically, that was my first “dog park” as a pup, when I was waiting to be adopted. They even have tunnels and ramps to run on and so many pups to play with! It’s such a nice shaded area with trees. I am happy my hoomans will bring me back to see some of my furry friends. Whenever I am visiting as a special guest, I always want to help my friends get adopted. That is why if you follow my Instagram, you can see some dogs that are available. For more information on how to adopt my friends you can also always go to their website. They have over 100 animals to adopt, including Horse & Barn Rescues, cats, rabbits and even exotic animals! So I hope you guys can help find my friends their forever home.

I am very happy my hoomans chose me from this place. I was so grateful to be in such great hands before I found my family. They offer such a wide variety of services to the community, including low cost spay, neuter and vaccination services, wildlife rescue and rehabilitation, disaster preparedness and response, affordable and fun dog and puppy training classes, animal cruelty and neglect investigation and rescue, sheltering of lost pets, and so much more. So I will always keep this sanctuary in mind when hoomans need animal help! I have to give my first dog park 4 Paws out of 4 Paws, it is too awesome of a place not to! With them helping my doggo friends, there is nothing better. I will be back on Sunday Socials and my Adopt Day Anniversary again next year!

Until next time my friends (furry and otherwise),

Ace the Border Collie

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